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domek w gorach
domek w gorach
goralski domek
domek w gorach
domek goralski
sypialnia - goralski domek
domki goralskie - wypozyczalnia rowerow
domki w gorach
goralskie domki Zakopane
domek w gorach
domek goralski
domek w gorach
lazienka w domku
noclegi - lazienka
nocleg domek
domek w gorach - plac zabaw
domek goralski Zakopane
lazienka w domku
domek w gorach zima

Domki Krupa Cichenoclegi Cichenoclegi

Domki Góralskie KrupaCiche k.Zakopanegonoclegi

noclegiCiche noclegiDomki Góralskie Krupa

Domki Góralskie Krupa


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We offer to you a quality accommodation in our detached houses that are built in highlander’s style of natural logs. These chalets are the best example of traditional architecture of this region. Definitely, you will perceive the creation of carpentry in the form of omnipresent sculptures and ornaments of relief.

On the Ground floor:

On the floor: